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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Be careful of scammers out there! XxXamyXxX.
scammed me out of my LE bikkini!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Makeovers/Makeup Tips

Hey stardoll fans. It's Naomi,Lily,and Claire here!
We have some makeup tips suggestions for some of you who are having troubles with makeup on stardoll.
Lily quotes,"I like to make my eyeshadow all different colors. Or mixing shades. My personal favorite is mixing dark blue with a pretty light blue. And I always use eyeliner,but only on the top. If you apply too much it makes you look a bit goth!"
We all love giving each other makeovers.. so Lily have given us makeovers. (See the pictures) Comment on what you think!
Stay spicy! Spice.Sizzle.Sharp ;)
-Naomi,Lily,& Claire <3

Hairstyle Tips by Lily

Hey! These hair styles are good for anyone! They're totally inspired by you!
1-Casual Girl Braid
2nd-Flirty flowy hair
3rd-Girly Sweetheart pony-tail
Try some of these hair styles out! =D
Until then stay spicy please! (Sizzle) ;)
-Naomi,Lily,and Starsmiles
(Click on the image for a better view)

My Kind Of Idea :)

Hey my beautiful Stardoll readers! We need a new banner! I have some new ideas and designs for our whole new banner! :)

New Ideas

Hey guys it's Lily! I was wondering if we should have a new picture for at the top of the blog. It's totally up to Naomi though! I just had some ideas. Comment on the ones you like please!

SS and Non-Ss Similar Outfit!

We have 2 outfits, both are Black and Glitter and both are Stylish and Cheap! Go to the starplaza now and get yourslef a Hot glitter outfit!

The Great Moooooon

The Great Moooooon(6 o's) has done it again! Her designs are incredible! She makes old LE designs and they are outstanding! Check her out on stardoll. Her designs look exactly like real ones except not the same material. Until then.. stay spicy! ;)
-Naomi,Lily,and Claire

Makeup Beauty tip

Adorable and Spicy! annina__92 takes black and white eye shadow to make smoky grey. Very fashionable. Try blue if you wnna go flirty and pink if you want bubbly and sweet!
xoxo Naomi :)

Designer Suite of the Week!

Hey everyone! This is Lily!(Missdancer853)
And today I found this really cool suite! She is very good at designing rooms! Say hello to senseifail90! There will be a new awesome suite every week! Until then spicy!


>This me-doll is Fantastic. It's Flirty, Punky and Hot. I adore it! Best medoll i have seen in months!

Spicy Hair!

I dont like horse hair but that hair is A-MAZING!! She is beautiful!

Stunning Design!

How Beautiful! I thought the top was from LE but no! Its a design made from moooooon! (Thats 6 o's) she is TRULY talented and beautiful. Visit her suite!
Xoxo NL&C

_ ★
___★ ★
_________ ______★
_______ ______★
______ _____★
_____ ____★
_______ ____★
___________ __★
_____________ __★
___★_ ★

Hot Outfit For Non-Ss Under 15 dollers!

This outfit is hot AND cheap! What a great combo!
Want more hot cheap outfits? Comment!
You can find this outfit at:
Top On shoulder: RIO =5$
Stardoll Jeans: Stardoll Shop= 5$
Shoes, Sliver Straps: RIO= 5$
All together: 15$

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Say Hello to a Dancer!

This is a dancer with heart! She is gorgeous and talented, Say HELLO to MissDancer853, A new member to the spicy family :)

Hey! Its Naomi and Clarie! Also known as FloridaBabe100 & StarSmiles On Stardoll! We Love fashion, Gossip and Cheats and thats why we made this blog. Its a great blog with a hint of Spice!

xoxo N&C