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Friday, December 25, 2009

Makeovers/Makeup Tips

Hey stardoll fans. It's Naomi,Lily,and Claire here!
We have some makeup tips suggestions for some of you who are having troubles with makeup on stardoll.
Lily quotes,"I like to make my eyeshadow all different colors. Or mixing shades. My personal favorite is mixing dark blue with a pretty light blue. And I always use eyeliner,but only on the top. If you apply too much it makes you look a bit goth!"
We all love giving each other makeovers.. so Lily have given us makeovers. (See the pictures) Comment on what you think!
Stay spicy! Spice.Sizzle.Sharp ;)
-Naomi,Lily,& Claire <3

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, hey guys. It's LonnaLang!! :D

    I love the one in the middle. See, I have my own make-over business on Stardoll so this was very interesting to me! :)
    Well, I'd better get back to helping Lilly get her LE Bathing Suit back!!!!
    -Carolyn xx