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Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview W/ Former CG Blahm3

Chic Magazine: Hey Amanda! It's So Great to have you here Today for a Interview on Your Achievement, Winning 1st place cover girl. So Tell Us, What did you do on the day you won covergirl?

Amanda: Hey Naomi! Im Honored to be here! First I wanted to surprise myself, so i covered my money bar and clicked on the magazine. Saw My Self on the cover and screamed! Haha :]

CM: Hahaha! You Must have felt Wonderful! Now Tell Me, Do you see yourself as a rolemodel to girls younger than you on stardoll?

A: Hmm I dont know if i really am. But thats for people to decide :]

Cm: I see. Well Your medoll looks alot like the one and only Lady GAGA. She's A rolemodel to thousands of girls across the U.S.A. Is she your role model?

A: Oh Lady GAGA! I LOVE Her style and her Fashion. To Bad Many People copy her look and Mine. Sad :(

Cm: Awwww. Have You Ever Been Scammed?

A: Sadly, Many Times...

Cm: What do You Think of Scammers?

A: I think that one day people will get fed up and stop trading. They will have no one left to bug!

Cm: I Agree! Stardoll is a pretty old website. How long have you been a member?

A: Nearly a Year Now. I <3 SD

Cm: Its Was Wonderful Interviewing You Amanda! Sadly we are a busy team here at Chic Magazine. Is their anything you want to say before we end this Interview

A: Of Course! One Thing is, Always Be Unique and Yourself, Dont Copy Looks! Make Your Own! Its the Only way to get noticed!

Cm: Thanks For Coming Blahm3!

A: Haha No Problem FloridaBabe100!

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