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Monday, March 29, 2010


What we've been waiting for is FINALLY here...and gone again. 2010 Spring LE has just came out across the world but in only hours it is gone.
It looks fabulous and very spring-like with bright colours, flowery prints and bows.

I was quite surprised to find some of the last things not already sold out were the really cheap items. Like the clutch purses, and headbands. But I guess I can understand since they aren't that nice and they don't even say LE on them.

The dresses on the first and last pages of LE were the ones that sold out right away. Well, now we all have to wait until Summer for Summer LE. So let this be a lesson to you if you didn't get any LE...save up and make sure to be SS this June, July, or August. We'll try to look for some spoilers around then to tell you when you should expect Summer LE to fly into Starplaza!!!

-Carolyn <3

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